What is the Recommended Maintenance Schedule for My Vehicle?

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Jaguar F-Type
Taking care of your vehicle with routine maintenance is essential for optimal performance on Long Island roads. It’s important that all your vehicle’s components are properly maintained at the correct intervals, with the recommended Jaguar maintenance schedule. Below are some service interval guidelines, but be sure to consult your owner’s manual for model-specific information. Then find out why Jaguar Freeport is the best choice for Jaguar-certified service near Long Island!

Essential Vehicle Components to Monitor

  • OIL — Your vehicle’s oil helps to lubricate the engine parts. If you run out of oil or the oil becomes contaminated, it can cause severe damage. In general, your vehicle should have its oil changed every 5,000 miles, but if you are using synthetic oil it can last longer. You can opt to do this oil change yourself or bring it to a professional technician to do it for you.
  • BATTERY — Keep an eye on the battery to make sure it doesn’t show any signs of wear like leaking or damage. If you notice anything strange about your battery, bring it into your local authorized Jaguar service center.
  • WINDSHIELD WIPERS — Your windshield wipers are important for visibility and safety. Be sure to replace these whenever they become streaky or ineffective. You can even purchase some winter-grade windshield wipers at our Jaguar parts department to help keep visibility when the Freeport weather turns bad.
  • AIR FILTERS— Air needs to move through your engine and its cavities in order for it to run properly. Check and replace your vehicle’s engine air filter, oil filter, and cabin air filter to ensure particles aren’t building up and causing harmful blockage.
  • TIRES — Look for signs of damage or general tire tread wear. If you don’t feel any treads on your tires anymore, it’s time to replace them. Also, check the tire pressure regularly to ensure your tires are full enough to handle the roads.

Certified Jaguar Service Every 5,000 Miles

  • INSPECT — all fluid quality and levels, windshield wipers and washer fluid, lights, belts and hoses, HVAC system, underneath vehicle
  • ADDITIONAL SERVICE — change the engine oil and filter, lubricate the door hinges and body fittings, clean and lubricate the power antenna, check and rotate the tires, perform a road test at service center

Certified Jaguar Service Every 15,000 Miles

  • INSPECT — air filter, braking system, belt adjustment, and throttle plate
  • ADDITIONAL SERVICE — lubricate the door locks, grease the wheel bearings

Certified Jaguar Service Every 30,000 Miles

  • Adjust the drive belt and repack the front wheel bearing
  • REPLACE — spark plugs, transmission fluid and filter, rear axle lube, power steering fluid, torque propeller shaft bolts
  • LUBRICATE — accelerator linkage, brake pedal, distributor advance mechanism, weather stripping
  • INSPECT — exhaust system, rear transmission mount spool, battery, brake discs and rotors, brake fluid levels, brake hoses, brake pads, handbrake, cooling system, exhaust system, fuel system, door hinges and locks, engine and engine mounts, seatbelts, steering system, wheel alignment, wheel lug nuts, lights and controls inside and outside the vehicle

AFTER 30,000 MILES — the battery will typically need to be replaced every 4 years. Replace the drive belt every 6 years or 60,000 miles, and replace the oxygen sensor every 90,000 miles

Let Jaguar Freeport Assist You with Maintenance

If your Jaguar model is in need of repair or inspection near Huntington, schedule an appointment at the Jaguar Freeport Service Center. We have a talented team of professionals who can service your vehicle in the best possible way, and we always use genuine Jaguar parts for auto repair. You can get even more car care tips like the best way to wash a car and how to take care of leather seats at your local authorized Jaguar retailer today!

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