How Often To Change Synthetic Oil

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How Often To Change Synthetic Oil

As part of essential routine maintenance, you’ll have to change most synthetic oils at least between every 7,500 and 15,000 miles depending on your specific vehicle’s specifications and performance and the type of and grade of oil used. Check your car’s unique owner’s manual in the glovebox to find the intended specific oil change interval designated by the car manufacturer. If it’s been more than 7,500 miles since you’ve changed your synthetic oil, it’s time to bring your vehicle in for a routine oil change, schedule a service appointment today online at Jaguar Freeport near Long Island.

Conventional Motor Oil vs Synthetic Oil

Different car models call for different kinds of oil, and different grades of motor oil. To find out which kind of oil your car needs, check your owner’s manual. Usually one specific kind of engine oil is recommended uniquely for a particular car. Follow your car manufacturer’s instructions.

Is Synthetic Oil Better?

While some drivers avoid synthetic oil because of the cost, synthetic oil has a number of perks you won’t get with conventional oil including:

  • Better Performance at Higher Temperatures – Synthetic oil doesn’t become as viscous when subjected to the high heat of an engine. This allows it to last longer than conventional oil.
  • Longer Oil Change Interval – Some vehicles that require synthetic oil can last as long as 15,000 miles between an oil change.
  • Better for Performance – Because synthetic oil can stay cleaner for longer, it’s often recommended in high-performance luxury vehicles. It can be especially important for racing cars or when going off-roading near Long Island.

Can You Mix Conventional and Synthetic Oil?

Yes, you can safely mix conventional and synthetic motor oils. However, this is not a recommended technique. Essentially, the advantages of using synthetic oil become diluted when mixed with conventional oil. Your car will not require a mix of synthetic and conventional oil, so continue to follow the recommended oil type and schedule designated by the manufacturer.

How Much Is a Full Synthetic Oil Change?

The price of a synthetic oil change at Jaguar Freeport can vary depending on the vehicle and the oil used. Contact our Freeport service department for up to date pricing info. We also offer frequent service specials that offer oil change coupons and discounts on other routine maintenance tasks. If you’re searching for an oil change near Huntington, it pays to turn to Jaguar Freeport.

Find An Affordable Oil Change in Freeport

If you’re not sure if your car, truck or SUV is ready for an oil change, contact our reliable mechanics in Freeport at (516) 771-9700. Our expert service team is happy to check and see what your oil change interval is and recommend synthetic or conventional oil.


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