Why Buy a Pre-owned Jaguar?

Why Buy a Pre-owned Jaguar at Jaguar Freeport?

Buying a used car can be expensive, especially if you’re looking to go the luxury route. If you want to purchase a luxury vehicle like a Jaguar on a budget your best bet is to shop pre-owned. Allow us at Jaguar Freeport to highlight all of the benefits of purchasing a pre-owned Jaguar.

  • Save Money Upfront- Even standard Jaguar models can come at a hefty price when buying used, which means getting the best of the best can cost you even more. By looking for a used Jaguar the original price can be cut down significantly.
  • Better Value- Depreciation occurs the moment you drive a used car off the lot and the longer you own it the more its value decreases. By deciding to buy used you’re eliminating the initial decrease in value while paying less upfront.
  • Get More For Less- You’ll be able to get much more for less when shopping for a pre-owned Jaguar. Buying used allows you to get more features and a higher quality Jaguar model for a fraction of the price of a used model.
  • Lower Insurance Rates- used cars are much more expensive to ensure. When you buy pre-owned you can expect a lower interest rate because the value is lower.

Certified Pre-owned

When you choose to buy a used Jaguar at Jaguar Freeport you have the option to shop our certified pre-owned selection of Jaguar vehicles. All of our certified pre-owned vehicles undergo a 165 point inspection and come with a CARFAX vehicle history report for added peace of mind. Other benefits of our certified pre-owned Jaguars include, a limited warranty, roadside assistance, and a transferable warranty.

Pre-owned Jaguar For Sale in Freeport

If you’re ready to get behind the wheel of a pre-owned Jaguar after reading up on all of the benefits visit us at Jaguar Freeport today! Our staff is here to help every step of the way and answer questions you may have. Feel free to contact us online for more information on why buying a pre-owned Jaguar might be the best option for you.




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