Jaguar Safety Features


If you want more peace of mind in your next luxury car in Long Island, explore the safety and driver assistance technologies available in new Jaguar models–take a closer look below!

Jaguar Parking

All Jaguar models come standard with a rearview camera, and most also come with Front and Rear Parking Aids which provide parking guidelines and visual warnings. Additional available parking safety features include:

  • 360° Surround Camera
  • Park Assist with Reverse Traffic Detection System, Forward Traffic Detection, and Forward Vehicle Guidance

Jaguar Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control uses sensors to detect vehicles in front of you, and subtly adjusts the pre-set cruise control speed to maintain a safe following distance. Features that often accompany Adaptive Cruise Control include:

  • Stop and Go — In bumper-to-bumper traffic, this system helps steadily maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you so you don’t have to resort to jerky braking to adjust to traffic flow.

  • Steering Assist (Queue Assist) — Sensors detect lane markers and make small adjustments to keep the vehicle from drifting out of the lane.

  • Driver Condition Monitor — Sensors monitor driver inputs to detect possible fatigue, and a warning appears that the driver should consider taking a break soon.

  • Speed Limiter — You can manually set a speed maximum while cruise control is in use.


Additional Jaguar Safety Systems

There are even more features that make Staten Island drives easier in a Jaguar include:

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking and High-Speed Emergency Braking — Sensors detect an impending collision and automatically engage the brakes whether or not the driver is able to react in time.

  • Blind Spot Monitor and Blind Spot Assist — If you engage your turn signal, the Monitor will signal a warning if a vehicle is detected in the intended lane. The Assist feature will gently guide the driver’s vehicle back into its own lane if the driver attempts to merge.

  • Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist (often paired with Driver Condition Monitor) — The Warning will alert the driver if they are drifting out of their lane without having signaled, while the Assist feature will gently guide the vehicle back into the lane.

  • Traffic Sign Recognition — Advanced cameras on the front of the car detect and display traffic signs. With Adaptive Speed Limiter added, it can slowly reduce vehicle speed if it detects that the vehicle speed is faster than the speed limit sign.


With each new Jaguar model, you’ll have the option to get many of the above safety features in packages to save money compared to adding on the features individually. Additional driver assistance features and technologies include:

  • Head-Up Display — Displays essential information like navigation and speed on the windshield above the instrument panel to help keep drivers’ eyes up and focused towards the road ahead.

  • Adaptive Front Lighting — Turns the headlights to match the steering so you can better see in the dark when taking corners.

  • Auto High-Beam Assist — Automatically lowers the high-beams when an oncoming vehicle is detected.

  • InControl® Remote & Protect™ with SOS Emergency Call and Optimized Roadside Assistance

Jaguar I-PACE Safety

As the first-ever all-electric Jaguar model, the I-PACE includes unique safety features:

  • Safety Cell — There is a rigid cage of aluminum and steel surrounding the I-PACE battery for occupant safety.

  • External Sound System — Since the electric motors are silent under 12 mph, the I-PACE emits an external acoustic signal at under 12 mph to alert pedestrians of the approaching vehicle.

  • Clear Exit Monitor — Clear Exit Monitor senses when front and rear passengers are about to open their door, and flashes a warning if it detects vehicles or cyclists approaching from behind. It comes as an added feature in the standard Park Pack.

Experience Jaguar Safety in Freeport

If you are ready to experience these advanced technologies in person, contact your local Huntington-area Jaguar retailer to schedule a test drive!

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