1960s Jaguar E-Type


Even today, the Jaguar E-TYPE will turn heads as it cruises the city or travels the highway. Its success has influenced the entire sports car segment. Find out more about this legendary car at Jaguar Freeport and what’s on the horizon for the Jaguar E-TYPE.

The Jaguar E-TYPE History

It’s almost impossible to fathom the impact the Jaguar E-TYPE had on the world when it first started hitting the roads of Staten Island and Huntington in the 1960’s. This was a time when 70 mph was fast for a family runabout, but the Jaguar E-TYPE claimed a staggering 150 mph that was reached time and again on the track.

Launched at the Geneva Auto Salon in March 1961, it stole every headline and was crowned the most beautiful car in the world by Enzo Ferrari.

Of course, E-TYPE history goes back years before the Geneva Auto Salon. The Jaguar D-Type Le Mans racer influenced its lines. The 3.8L straight-six engine came from the Jaguar XK. The E1A prototype of 1957 showcased the new independent rear suspension design that became one of Jaguar’s proudest accomplishments and a hallmark of their lineup for four decades.

Jaguar E-TYPE Legacy

The Jaguar E-TYPE remains one of the auto industry’s most influential and celebrated vehicles. It ranked first in The Daily Telegraph’s list of the world’s ‘100 Most Beautiful Cars’ and took the top spot on Sports Car International Magazine’s list of Top Sports Cars of the 1960s.

Even those perfectly unfamiliar with the automotive world recognize the E-TYPE’s exquisite profile thanks to prominent placement in film and TV.

Classic Jaguar E-Type profile

Jaguar E‑TYPE Reborn

Nearly 60 years on from the moment it first rocked the industry, the Jaguar E-TYPE is coming back as the Jaguar E-Type Reborn. The Reborn program will see Series 1 E-TYPES restored to their original specification and Jaguar Classic craftsmen translating world-class service, craftsmanship, and quality into a new breed.

To find out how you can bring your own Jaguar E-TYPE Reborn to the roads of Long Island, contact a specialist team member today.

Classic Jaguar E-Type Reborn restoration work

Experience the Jaguar Legacy at Jaguar Freeport

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