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For an Oil Change Near Staten Island, Visit Jaguar Freeport

When drivers need an oil change near Staten Island, they know that the team at Jaguar Freeport has them covered. We are a full-service Jaguar service center for Staten Island, and that means our dealership has a state-of-the-art service center that is staffed by Jaguar-trained technicians who make sure some of the world’s finest vehicles are kept in top shape. Whether you drive a Jaguar or not, we will be happy to inspect your vehicle and change its oil with the care drivers expect from the Jaguar name.

The Importance of an Oil Change

It’s necessary to regularly change your car’s oil, ensuring that the mechanics of your engine run smoothly and with as little friction as possible—and that’s the case whether you drive a precision automotive like a Jaguar or just an everyday sedan.

  • Do I really need “fresh” oil?—Even the highest grades of oil break down and become less effective over time, and it’s important to never have old oil in your engine.
  • Does oil really wear out?—Excessive driving can shorten the lifespan of oil, and it can pick up impurities as it passes through your engine time after time.

These two reasons are why you’ll usually hear that you should have your oil changed every three months or 3,000 miles—check your owner’s manual to be sure.

Scheduling an Oil Change

One of the main reasons many drivers fall behind on their oil changes is that they simply don’t have the time, and we can sympathize. Everyone is so busy these days, and trying to carve out a section of your day to change your car’s oil can be difficult.

But when you need an oil change near Staten Island, you don’t even need to give us a call. Just fill out our service request form online. You pick the date and time, and a member of our team will confirm it with you. It’s that easy.

Contact Jaguar Freeport

If you have any questions about your oil change appointment or want to set up a test drive of a new Jaguar, don’t hesitate to contact Jaguar Freeport. We can’t wait to be of service to you.