2020 Jaguar XJ | Jaguar’s Brand New Electric Luxury Vehicle

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2020 Jaguar XJ

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Electric vehicles like the brand-new 2020 Jaguar XJ, have been gaining momentum and the demand for these environmentally friendly, low emission vehicles has been steadily increasing. While the Tesla Model S and other electric vehicles have been garnering attention, Jaguar is planning on releasing an all-electric version of the Jaguar XJ sometime later this year. While Jaguar has not released much information about the vehicle besides a couple of photos, keep reading to see what we know so far.

Modifying the Jaguar XJ to be an electric vehicle will take a lot of reworking. This is due to the different machinery that is required for an electric model and changes in the way weight will be distributed.  We know that the new electric Jaguar XJ will need an extended wheelbase, wider track, and taller and wider dimensions. While these things might not sound aesthetically appealing, Jaguar design director Julian Thomson has made multiple statements emphasizing Jaguars commitment to luxury, design, and creating cars customers lust after. Thomson has assured customers that the electric Jaguar XJ will be held to these same standards and will represent the best of Jaguar, combining streamlined aesthetics and the latest in electric automobile technology.

It is also important to mention that the electric Jaguar XJ is not going to be Jaguar’s first electric vehicle. Last year, Jaguar released the I-PACE, an all-electric vehicle. Given that Jaguar now has experience in making all electric vehicles, customers can expect the electric Jaguar XJ to be a major upgrade from the I-PACE. Another important aspect of this vehicle is going to be its affordability. Since many Americans are still dealing with the economic repercussions of COVID-19, Jaguar is going to have to walk a fine line in producing a luxury product at a reasonable price point. For reference, the 2020 Jaguar I-PACE started at around $70,000.

Now that you are all caught up, be sure to keep an eye out for the all-electric Jaguar XJ coming later this year. Stay up to date by following along with Jaguar Freeport.

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